Website Updates

Saturday, 7 January 2012 02:19 Written by Mighty Mike

Website Updates

I have been getting an enormous barrage of emails in the last two months with new user registrations on the site forum. Oddly enough, the forums are not even active no working properly as myself and Jeff have not been able to maintain the site for legacy support. Due to this odd activity (probably spam bots) I have permanently disabled the forums until I can figure out what is up.

In addition, I have also been getting emails from users requesting older firmware packages in which I do not have. Specifically Touch Diamond and Touch Pro (1) MightyROM files.

If anyone is able to pull these files out of their archive and send them to me that would be really appreciated. I am looking for the following:


Please use the “contact” page above to contact me. Send me the info / download links.

Thank you everyone! Take care and hope everyone has had a great holiday/ new year
– Mighty Mike

MightyROM RhodiumW_4.01.605.15_Final_Source

Tuesday, 12 October 2010 12:01 Written by Mighty Mike Tags: , , ,

MightyROM RhodiumW_4.01.605.15_Final_Source

Update: Apparently I was drunk while linking the Kitchen, because for this entire day it has been linking to the ROM itself and not the kitchen. I have updated the link. My apologies everyone.

The time has come everyone. With myself moving to the Android world, I have decided to release my source base for the MightyROM RhodiumW series. Included in this package is the very kitchen that I myself utilized when creating the MightyROM. There are absolutely no changes to this kitchen, It is left exactly in the way it was for the final release back in June.

This is not your typical kitchen. For users familiar with other kitchens out there such as Calkulins, SSK, etc. They provide you with a numerous amount of selections in terms of different themes, packages, etc. This source here contains nothing but an extremely stable base. Opening the kitchen and hitting build will essentially get you the exact MightyROM release from June 20th, 2010.

Other than that, I would like to say thanks to everyone for the support over the last while, it has definitely been a ride!

Head on over to the Touch Pro 2 section to grab the source!

MightyROM Forums Are Open!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 10:50 Written by Mighty Mike Tags:

MightyROM Forums Are Open!

As everyone may know, myself and Mr. X have ceased development support over at PPCGeeks.
There are many reasons to this, although too many to even bother with. That being said, We have launched our own community here at in which we will continue support for our projects released in the past as well as the future.

Be sure to register and join in on the fun, all support questions related to MightyROM or Mr. X ROM can be started in the forum immediately.

Yeah the forum might not be in depth as something such as XDA Devleopers, although that’s not what we’re going for. This is a support forum to answer your questions as well as to hang out.

All the nitty gritty will begin on XDA-Developers in which myself and X have decided to begin development and contribute to their community as it suits our new direction better.

Take care everyone, see you on the forums!

MightyROM RhodiumW 062010 Update Now Available!

Sunday, 20 June 2010 04:40 Written by Mighty Mike Tags: , , ,

MightyROM RhodiumW 062010 Update Now Available!

With the release of the latest Verizon MR2 ROM, some new goodies have flown down the pipe which finally gave me an incentive to freshen up and enhance a few things with the MightyROM Series.

Read more: MightyROM RhodiumW 062010 Update Now Available!

Verizon’s New MR2 Touch Pro 2 ROM And The No Boot Situation

Friday, 18 June 2010 03:42 Written by Mr.X Tags: , , ,

Verizon’s New MR2 Touch Pro 2 ROM And The No Boot Situation

With the release of a MR2 ROM by Verizon Wireless for the Touch Pro 2, came excitement about something new. However this quickly turned into frustration by users who shortly realized that the ROM failed to boot.  See Mr. X’s diagnosis and  fix inside.

Read more: Verizon’s New MR2 Touch Pro 2 ROM And The No Boot Situation

Incase you missed it...

2.1 Sense UI BlackOut Icon Modification
This modification has been created by myself (Mighty Mike). It is an Icon replacement for the 2.1 Sense UI homescreen. This is for the RhodiumW Device only and is guaranteed to work with all MightyROM Releases. Using this modification is not guaranteed to work on other ROMs although it shouldn’t give any problems. More
GCzII Has Been Updated!
GCzII a Geocaching app for Windows Mobile from NICQUE Freeware has been updated to Ver to fix: 1) “Cache not Found” issue fixed. 2) “Internet Connection Failed” issue fixed. (In case of proxy uname/passwd required) More
Dark Ninja Android Taskbar
Dark Ninja from XDA-Developers has created a wonderful task bar for our devices which features an Android style look to it. I have been using it for the last few days and just as many other task bars available it lacks certain drivers making it compatible with current MightyROM releases. Not anymore! More
Groove Mobile V3
Update: SciLor has updated Groove Mobile to Version 3. Be sure to visit XDA and get the latest edition! Many users are familiar with the GrooveFish application released back in 2009 followed by Nano Groove recently. Although both applications were good they have some issues. Groovefish being prone to crashing constantly and Nano Groove costing money as well as parsing errors. There’s a new application in town! More